About us

Our products are developed and manufactured in Norway. World-class athletes in their sport have contributed to the development of the product.

For over 10 years our product has been on the market. It started with CRAMPFIX and gradually we have developed LACTATE CONTROLL , CRAMPFIX SUPERWARM and BLUE FISH . You will find our products in several sports shops all over Norway and we have established ourselves well in the market.

In connection with the Olympics in Rio 2016 and the World Cycling Championships in Qatar, CRAMPFIX SUPERVARM was developed and launched.

Our marine minerals are extracted from seawater and algae. With a very porous and fragmented surface, these minerals have a bioavailability that is 40-60% higher than traditional minerals.

This provides products that are effectively taken up in advance of training / competition and not least also work quickly and efficiently when taken during a competition or training.

Several of the top athletes and exercisers over the whole world use our products - We are proud of that!


4 pk – 1 box contains 100g powder 4 pk – 1 box contains 100g powder LACTATE CONTROL is particularly…


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