Alexander Kristoff experiences with Crampfix Fjord Minerals

Alexander Kristoff use products from Fjord Minerals during all competitions

I have used minerals from FJORD MINERALS for over 10 years. I use the minerals of course during all competitions, but also as an important part of the recovery process between workouts

In recent years, I have really opened my eyes to how important the mineral balance in the body is for performance. Not only does CRAMPFIX reduce the risk of muscle cramps during rides and workouts, in addition there is a noticeable change in energy and performance at the end of rides.


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How we make CRAMPFIX and products from Fjord Minerals AS



CRAMPFIX contains all the 4 essential minerals the body depends on. By taking 1-2 capsules…

kr 899.00


Contains all our 4 favorites, 1 box of each: CRAMPFIX, BLUE FISH, CRAMPFIX SUPERWARM and…

kr 749.00


4 pk – 1 box contains 100g powder 4 pk – 1 box contains 100g…

kr 789.00

4 pk – 1 box contains 100g powder LACTATE CONTROL is particularly well-suited for sports…

kr 219.00

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How we make CRAMPFIX and products from Fjord Minerals AS

Where do we get the minerals for our products from?

The secret is in the Fjord! Our marine minerals are extracted from sea water and algae. Having a very porous and fragmented surface, the bio accessibility of these minerals are 40-60 % higher than for minerals from other, more commonly used sources.