Elisabeth Sveum uses CRAMPFIX during every training

I use Crampfix to replace salts and minerals I lose during exercise. My stomach does not tolerate sports drinks with fructose so well, so it goes in blackcurrant juice in the drinking bottle. Juice contains only sugar (glucose), so I have to add salts and minerals.

This is not the first time I use Crampfix. Past 10 years I have used Crampfix. In 2019, I have used Crampfix more consistently and become more aware of the mineral balance. Minerals are responsible for all signal transmissions in the body, including muscular and in all brain activity.

Since the summer of 2019, my body has endured more training and I feel that I am recovering faster. It is of course complex, but I think Crampfix in every drinking bottle and in every workout contributes to increased recovery. There is enough magnesium which is important for the body to have enough of.

Jeg føler også at veskeopptaket er bedre og generelt at kroppen er i balanse. Aldri har jeg kramper i heller. I Crampfix finnes kalium-mineralet, som er svært viktig i kroppens evne til å regulere væskebalansen og cellens evne til å lagre karbohydrater. Det kan være noe av forklaringen til hvorfor jeg tåler mer trening og restituerer fortere. 🙂

Read how Elisabeth mixes CRAMPFIX in the bottles here.

– Elisabeth Sveum –


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How we make CRAMPFIX and products from Fjord Minerals AS



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